As the very name signifies, Discount Cruises are low fare cruises. In other words, these are cruises, which you can embark upon without paying a huge fare.

These cruises are usually seasonal or are like special offers. The cruise liners, to enable more and more eager travelers to go on a cruise to their dream destinations, come out with such cruises on a regular basis.

Anybody going on a cruise would surely look out for cruises that does not fall too heavily on their pockets. Often you are unable to go on a holiday cruise on board of some of the best-known international cruise liners of the world. The reason being the high fares of these cruise liners. Under such situations availing one of the Discount Cruise Holiday Packages will enable you to go on a vacation with some of the fantastic cruise liners of the world, like Celebrity Cruises or the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.

Nearly all the major cruise liners have discount cruise packages for the convenience of eager tourists. These packages are often introduced on a particular season like a summer discount package, or in the form of a festive offer. There can be discount offers in Christmas, New Year or Valentines Day.

This particular style of cruise can be in any form. It might be in the form of low fares for couples or you can have a package where you can take a child at a lower rate. The entire package depends upon the demand and the requirements of the cruise goers.


Most cruise liners like The Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Carnival Cruises, Celebrity Cruise and Holland America Cruise Lines have this type of cruises. The routes often followed are the Bahamas, Canada, inside passages of Alaska, Western Caribbean and Mexico Riviera. Sometimes there are discount packages to Europe and the United States of America also.

Discount Cruises are the most popular style of cruise in the world. In fact every interested to go on a cruise would always see whether any cruise packages, at discounted rates, are available or not.