Exotic Cruises are known to give something more than the ordinary to its passengers. Nowadays people want to learn something new everyday. And this is where the importance of Exotic Cruises should not be undermined. Exotica Cruises are mostly availed of by senior travelers who want to know something new everyday.

Some of the world's leading cruise liners that organize Exotic Cruises areCrystal Cruises. What is unique about this Cruise line is that it has tied up with well known organizations of higher learning like Berlitz, the Parsons School of Design, the Society of Wine Educators and Pepperdine University. Swan Hellenic Cruises have a variety of itineraries matching its ports of call to a team of experts. For instance, an Istanbul-to-Rhodes cruise features speakers such as a British Museum curator on Greek history; a British diplomat on "The British, Greece & Turkey: Old Enemies, New Partners"; an Anglican priest on the interplay of religion and cultures; and a marine conservationist on the future of our oceans.Cunard Cruises has teamed up with the prestigious Oxford University spans some seven different classrooms offering everything from computer workshops to lecture presentations by the Royal Academy if Dramatic Arts.

Enrichment isn't the only thing that attracts senior travelers to Exotic Cruises. There are other features as well like Green House Spas where you could have a facial or massage. The spa is always a favorite hangout zone. There are some work out programs like a walk a mile at your own pace which are huge hit among Exotic Cruise passengers. There is Yoga as well as Tai Chi Classes.

Finally, Exotica Cruise lines arte constantly on the lookout for new cruise destinations which would get the same traveler back for a second time. Coupled with great food, luxury cabins and a host of amenities, exotic cruises are something which are a must for the aged.

Learn as you travel is the message that Exotic Cruises gives you loud and clear. Your quest for knowledge would certainly be fulfilled on an Exotica Cruise. For information on cruise styles visit Travour.