Who hasn't dreamed of leaving it all behind and circumnavigating the globe? A special few of us get to do just that, on a World Cruise. You can choose to live on board for the 100+ days it takes for the full cruise, or join for just a segment of the trip.

A handful of Cruises offer once a year world cruises. These trips are approximately of 100 days. Ships that operate these voyages are usually the line's most comfortable cruise ships. The facilities you would get on the other cruise ships of the same cruise line would be a bit different from the facilities offered on the world cruise ships.

World Cruises was first started by Cunard Cruise Lines way back in 1922 on the then new and elegant 19, 680-ton cruise ship SS Laconia. Cunard has continued with the tradition with its now venerable Queen Elizabeth 2. In addition, there are four major cruise lines which offer world cruises namely Silver Sea Cruises, Crystal Cruises, Regent Seven Seas Cruises and Holland America Line.

Most world cruises depart during mid to end January and mostly ranges from 100-110 days. All travelers commit to the entire cruise. Passengers could also choose to buy segments which are normally of 10-12 days duration and mostly like normal voyages. The only problem travelers face on segments is that by the time you board the ship, other travelers would have already formed their own small groups and the segment travelers would feel left out.

World Cruises for a long time had been almost an anachronism. However recently it has gained some popularity. In the recent years all seat had been sold out for world cruises with different cruise lines.

A passenger traveling on a world cruise can expect to travel over 30000 nautical miles. You would also get to visit 35 to 45 ports without repeating any one. All world cruises cross the equator at least twice. Also, world cruise travelers unlike segment sailors are entitled to a lot of additional perks.

Some of the world class facilities offered on world cruises are gala parties on board and before departure. Passengers are also entitled to first class air upgrades lavish gifts and shipboard credits. You are also entitled to private airport transfers during your world cruise. All prices are inclusive of everything.

World Cruise passengers are entitled to a choice of meals on board all major cruise lines. Passengers are entitled to range of cuisine and drinks. Entertainment is provided every evening. All cruise ships have luxurious restaurants, lounges, bars, a spa, a library and internet facilities for passengers to have a great time.

All staterooms are deluxe. Some Cruise lines offer rooms with private balconies and carpets. All cabins have private baths with shower, telephone facilities, lockers, television and VCR sets, and music systems. Passengers could also book themselves on suites if they desire to.