River & Canal cruise

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There's a simple formula that makes a river cruise fantastically different. Cruising through rivers and waterways means smaller ships, which in turn mean a cosier and more intimate onboard atmosphere, fewer passengers, and staff who feel more like friends. Your view of the world changes on board a river cruise - get closer and enjoy spectacular eye-level view of European villages, Egyptian temples and exotic Asian markets. You won't miss the open ocean for a second. Going on a cruise on one of the most beautiful and calm rivers of the world is every travelers dream. River Cruises are designed to take eager passengers for a cruise to some of the most enchanting rivers of the world. Imagine yourself sailing across the Thames in London, the Danube, Rhine or Rhone in Europe or the River Nile in Egypt. It is an exhilarating experience. People who want to enjoy a peaceful holiday can choose from a wide range of River Cruise Packages that are available. River Cruises are the best way to enjoy the beauty of the serene waters of the famous rivers of the world. Watch the fishes swim past your boat while you feel the cool gentle breeze on your face. Swim in the cool waters or just dip your feet in them as you sail across the Nile, Volga or the Hudson Rivers. These cruises are also a good way to go for sight seeing. A cruise on the Nile allows you to visit the ancient temple in Luxor and Aswan. A cruise on the Thames means getting to see the London Bridge. Amazon River cruises allows one to explore the exotic rain forests on the river coasts and take a look at amazing wildlife. River Cruise ships are usually small and can accommodate not more than 200 passengers. There are barges also, which can accommodate a maximum of 50 passengers. Like any other cruise, these cruise also offers its travelers all the facilities and amenities. The cabins are cozy and the food served is exotic. There is no compromise in the quality of services offered to the guests. Some of the international cruise lines that offer River Cruising options are Avalon Waterways, Peter Deilmann Cruises, Delta Queen Steamboat Company Cruises, Victoria Cruises and Clipper Cruises. River Cruises are as popular as the ocean or sea cruises. There are numerous packages offered by cruise liners which can be availed by travelers interested to take a tour on some of the grand rivers of the world. Canal Cruises are a new style of cruising that has become quiet popular now days. Like river cruises, Cruising across the Canals have attracted many tourists across the world who like to watch the ebb and flow of the water along the banks of the canals. The difference between River Cruising and Canal Cruising lies in the size of the ships that are used. Vessels that are used to travel across the rivers are much larges compared to those used on a canal Cruise. Usually, in this type of a cruise barges are used. The passenger capacity of the barges ranges from 6 to 50. Canal Cruising is mainly limited to Europe. Canal Cruises are primarily seasonal. Spring, summer and fall are the preferred seasons. The main months are December, January and February. Christmas is a good season for a Canal Cruise, especially in Europe. Canal Cruises are intimate cruises. The travelers get to have a peaceful voyage while sailing along some of the splendid canals of Europe. These cruises are highly intriguing and sometimes adventurous. Sail across the Erie Canal in North America and watch the picturesque view of the American countryside. Take a trip along the canals of the European rivers in France, Belgium, Holland and Italy. The splendid view of the windmills in Holland is simply awesome. Take a ride on the barges in Venice and see the beautiful buildings or visit the museums in this city. The canal cruises are suited for travelers who want to escape the humdrum of city life and go to a place where they can enjoy nature. In fact, this type of cruise is best suited for nature lovers. The cruise vessels are comfortable and have a warm and cozy ambience. Since the number of guests is limited, hence personalized services are ensured. Food offered id usually the local food and there is lot of singing and dancing on the e cruises. It is also a good way tom share a private moment with your beloved. Going on a cruise to the canals can be extremely romantic. There area number of cruise liners that offer Canal Cruise Holiday Packages. Some of the more regular ones are French Country Waterways and Peter Deilmann Cruises....

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