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What is a Group Cruise?Cruise lines usually define a group as having a minimum of 8 double occupancy cabins. Groups of all types find that cruise ships are the easiest and most enjoyable way to travel together. Onboard a modern megaship, your group can dine together in a gourmet restaurant, meet in a quiet conference room, gather by the pool for sun and fun, or experience a Broadway show. Participants who want a break from the action can retreat to the spa, find privacy on a secluded balcony, or enjoy a book in a comfortable alcove as their kids are entertained by trained youth counselors. Benefits of Booking as a GroupGroups often get the best overall value -- if you plan well in advance -- particularly when you factor in special group amenities like complimentary wine or champagne, chocolates, cocktail parties, shipboard credits, casino credits, spa services, and private gatherings. Plus, by booking early you get to choose the location of your group's cabins. To take advantage of group benefits, you must book the entire group through our Group Department. What's Included?On a typical cruise your group will get: Stateroom accommodation Transportation to interesting ports Gourmet dining Vegas- or Broadway-style shows Discos, clubs, bars Pool, water sports Fitness center, exercise classes, spa Youth programs Movies (theater and in-room) The Planning ProcessAll successful groups have a group leader. The group leader is responsible for promoting the group to friends and family or co-workers and employees, communicating booking details like the payment process, documentation requirements, meeting space needs, and dining requests to guests as they sign up....

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